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Why is it important to understand why carbon cycles through the ecosystems?    

Question 2 of 1010.0 PointsCarbon dioxide is considered a greenhouse gas because it can   

 Question 3 of 1010.0 PointsWhy are greenhouse gasses important to life on earth?   

 Question 4 of 1010.0 PointsConsidering that there are other more powerful greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, why did CO2 gained so much attention in the past decades?   



Plants remove carbon from the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis. During this process, CO2 is converted into sugar, and makes up ______% of the glucose molecule.    

 Question 6 of 1010.0 PointsHow many kilograms of carbon are stored in a 160 kilograms log?    Question 7 of 1010.0 PointsTo how many kilograms of CO2 do 5 kilograms of dried tree correspond?


Question 8 of 1010.0 PointsIn the lab activity, why is the allometric equation important to us?
   Question 9 of 1010.0 PointsIf the average biomass of a 10m x 10m plot is 2057 kg, how much carbon is stored in the plant tissues?   

 Question 10 of 1010.0 PointsIf the amount of carbon stored in the plant tissues of a certain plot is 5734 kg, how much CO2 has that plot removed from the atmosphere?