Wk 3 discussion [due mar 2, 2019 must have answer to the question,

  • Review the “Chapter Ten Case: ETSY” at the end of Ch. 10 of Business Driven Technology. Answer the following questions keeping in mind the scenario given on ThreeBirdNest:
  • What operational issues do you see and how could an effective supply chain help with these issues?
  • How can the four supply chain drivers help companies be more effective?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using ETSY to sell to the global marketplace and use its global supply chain?
  • What strategy would you use to evaluate the success of SCM in ETSY?

Respond to at least three of your peers. In your response, address any thoughts you have on supply chain drivers and evaluating the success of SCM in an organization.

Students need to contribute three substantive posts in this discussion by the due date indicated. The substantive posts can be any combination of responses and replies.

Peer 1

Raise Output. Supply chain management (SCM) software is designed in way to improve communication, collaboration and coordination with vendors, transportation and shipping companies, Suppliers and raise bi-directional information flow. By Adopt a demand-driven planning and business operating model based on real-time demand insights and demand shaping. The right prediction and contingency planning tools will ensure a complete view and an effective response to risks such as suppliers going out of business, political upheaval, and natural calamities affecting manufacturing. Companies then can adjust pricing and promotions strategies to shape demand, move additional product quickly, drive revenue growth, or further expand margins for a high-demand product with limited market supply.

Also by using The demands on supply chain managers to rapidly respond to change and increase profitability are greater than ever. The good news is that effective strategies and solutions exist that support each one of the previous five strategies, and they can deliver immediate return on investment. The tools also exist. They have been battle tested, end-to-end, across some of the most valuable supply chains in the world. The way in which companies implement these strategies can mean the difference between success and failure. The tools they use should be low-risk and proven.

Some of the advantages an disadvantages of etsy:

The Pros

  • The opportunity to sell your handmade crafts: Regardless of what type of crafts you sell, you can sell everything on Etsy including woodworking, paintings, crocheting, sewing, floral arrangements, and etc.
  • You can sell craft supplies: You can sell craft supplies and help the crafters to buy the necessary materials to create their products.
  • You can sell eBooks: Etsy allows you to sell eBooks and earn a lot of money at the same time. You can sell patterns, tutorials, and etc.
  • Etsy has low fees: The reason why there are so many sellers on Etsy is because this platform has extremely low fees. For listing a new product you need to pay only 20 cents and your products will be listed for up to 4 months. Once the product is sold, you pay a fee of 3.5% to Etsy and the rest goes to you.
  • Training Courses – If you are a beginner and new in the Etsy environment, you can use the training courses and learn everything you need to know about how to run you Etsy shop.

The Cons

  • No Mass Produced Items – The only disadvantage is that you are not allowed to sell mass produced products.





Peer 2

On the manufacturing side of things, the biggest issue I see is the making sure you have enough raw material on hand to cover orders and being able to keep up with the extra not expected orders. Companies must have a fine balance between having to much on hand but not keeping to much extra. You would also have to have a way to get the material quickly if needed. This can be easily handled with SCM to ensure you do house to much or not enough materials.

On the Supplier side of things, quality of products, making enough material, cost and time for shipping. These can also all be handled by SCM. This will also allow for the price negotiation based on the product and quality of product.

Four supply chain drivers are Back Orders, Inventory Turnover, Customer and Inventory Cycle time. All these metrics help both suppliers and manufactures keep enough inventory on hand to prevent back order while making sure you will not loose any inventory from having to on hand. There is nothing worse than trying to order something and finding out during check out that the item is on back order.

Advantages of Etsy: Easy to setup selling, large customer base and community

Disadvantages of Etsy: Competition and loss of profit because of fees

What strategy would you use to evaluate the success of SCM in ETSY?

Use of KPI and CSF designed for SCM

Analytics and Business Intelligence


Baltzan, P. (2017). Business driven technology (7th ed.).

New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Peer 3

What operational issues do you see and how could an effective supply chain help with these issues?

  1. Manufacturing Side Issue which can be easily handled with SCM – Plant Management makes operational decision to keep certain items in stock to ensure that production is not halted, this will increase inventory costs.
  2. Supplier Side Issue which can be easily handled with SCM – Management should make operational decision to negotiate with supplier to create a product with higher quality to ensure the quality of the finished product, if we do not have SCM in place then these decisions can cause lot of issues and loss of money.

How can the four supply chain drivers help companies be more effective?

Supply chain capabilities are guided by the decisions you make regarding the five supply chain drivers. Each of these drivers can be developed and managed to emphasize responsiveness or efficiency depending on changing business requirements.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using ETSY to sell to the global marketplace and use its global supply chain?

Advantages – 1. Large customer base 2.Easy to setup shop 3. Strong community

Disadvantages – 1. Fees 2. Personalize of shop is difficult or not possible 3. Lot of competition.

What strategy would you use to evaluate the success of SCM in ETSY?

  1. Implement Scaled Agile Framework in SCM Implementation. Scaled Agile Framework ties and Organization or Business goals with the Delivery
  2. Data Analysis and Analytic Reports.
  3. Use KPI Metrics and Define CSF’s for SCM Delivery and Implementation.

Reference :

Creating a gender-neutral learning environment


Rubric grading

I got poor (0%) only one thing is provided for each section and/or rationalization is not included. Or re rationalization is not research based (zero)

Improve this to excellent: gender-neutral environment analysis provide a recommendation from information gathered during research including 3 things to considered for each area to address gender neutrality in the environment. Rationalization is provided for reach consideration including appropriate references on gender neutrality. 

My professor comment: This was not discussed as required. There was no discussion of area of change or add for the following: dramatic play, library, science area, outdoor play, and parent interactions. Please consider adding this information and resubmitting the assignment for a new grade.

Discussion-what type of power appeals to you?

Discussion-What Type of Power Appeals to You?

This week’s readings discuss ways in which managers motivate and influence others to achieve identified goals and objectives. This discussion requires a bit of self-reflection. In 1-2 paragraphs please respond to the following:

  • What type of power appeals to you?  Why? 
  • Other than coercive power,  which type of power would you feel least comfortable using? Why?
  • Please use Exhibit 10.4, p.256 in your text as a reference. 

Benchmark – ethical behavior of business students at bo diddley tech | Business Statistics


During the global recession of 2008 and 2009, there were many accusations of unethical behavior by Wall Street executives, financial managers, and other corporate officers. At that time, an article appeared that suggested that part of the reason for such unethical business behavior may have stemmed from the fact that cheating had become more prevalent among business students, according to a February 10, 2009, article in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The article reported that 56% of business students admitted to cheating at some time during their academic career as compared to 47% of nonbusiness students.

Cheating has been a concern of the dean of the college of business at Bo Diddley Tech (BDT) for several years. Some faculty members in the college believe that cheating is more widespread at BDT than at other universities, whereas other faculty members think that cheating is not a major problem in the college. To resolve some of these issues, the dean commissioned a study to assess the current ethical behavior of business students at BDT. As a former college athlete herself, the dean believed that the spirit of fair play students develop as part of participating in athletics would make them less likely to cheat. As part of this study, an anonymous exit survey was administered to a sample of 240 students from this year’s graduating class, half of whom were business students and half of whom were not. The survey asked various questions, including the student’s college and if the student was an athlete or not. Responses of the various questions were fed into a computer algorithm that made a quantitative determination as to whether the student should be considered a “cheater” or not. The results are in the attached Excel spreadsheet, “Benchmark –  Bo Diddley Tech Data Set.” 

Prepare a managerial report as part of your submission to the dean of the college that summarizes your assessment of the nature of cheating at BDT. Be sure to include the following items in your written report.

Utilize the data set provided by the instructor in the Excel spreadsheet, “Benchmark – Bo Diddley Tech Data Set” (60 records per student).

Submit the Excel data calculations (Alpha 0.05).

  1. Make a pivot table with: Business Student (Rows), Athlete (Rows), Cheated (Columns), and Cheated (Summed Value).
  2. Create a bar chart showing cheating by athletes and business students.
  3. Determine if there is a statistical difference between nonathlete BDT business students and the national average for business students as reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education.
  4. Determine if there is a statistical difference between athlete BDT business students and the national average for business students as reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education.
  5. Determine if there is a statistical difference between BDT business students and the national average for business students as reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education.
  6. Determine if there is a statistical difference between BDT nonbusiness students and the national average for nonbusiness students as reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Utilizing the data you have analyzed, write a managerial report of 500-800 words for the dean. The managerial report needs to include an introduction, analysis, conclusion, and a minimum of three supporting references.

  1. Introduction (Define): Explain, in your own words, why you are providing this report and the problem(s) you are trying to solve.
  2. Collect: Describe the data set you used.
  3. Organize: Describe your pivot table.
  4. Visualize: Include and describe your bar chart.
  5. Analyze: Provide a summary of your conclusions based on the four population proportion hypothesis tests.
  6. Ethical Summary: The dean has expressed a concern related to the amount of cheating currently taking place at BDT and has strongly suggested that you “tweak” the statistical data such that they favor the image of the university. Discuss the potential use of unethical manipulation of statistical data to provide a biased outcome as well as the ethical counter proposal you would offer the dean in this scenario.
  7. Conclusion: What advice would you give to the dean based upon your analysis of the data?

You are required to submit your Excel data analysis along with your written report.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. 

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance. 

Benchmark Information

This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies:

BS Business Information Systems,

2.2 Use quantitative techniques and tools to analyze data relevant to business decision making. [MC3]

BS Business Administration, BS Business Information Systems, BS Accounting, BS Business Analytics, BS Business Management, BS Entrepreneurial Studies, BS Finance, BS Finance and Economics, BS Hospitality Management, BS Sports Management, BS Supply Chain and Logistics Management

2.3: Use quantitative techniques and tools to analyze data relevant to business decision making. [MC3]

BS Business for Secondary Education

7.3: Use appropriate computer applications to perform mathematical calculations relevant to solving business problems. 

Sun coast remediation research project powerpoint | DBA 7310 – Statistics for Business Decisions & Research | Columbia Southern University



Create  a PowerPoint presentation for the Sun Coast Remediation research  project to communicate the findings and suggest recommendations. Please  use the following format:

  • Slide 1: Include a title slide.
  • Slide 2: Organize the agenda.
  • Slide 3: Introduce the project.
    • Statement of the Problems
    • Research Objectives
  • Slide 4: Describe information gathered from the literature review.
  • Slide 5: Include research methodology, design, and methods.
    • Research Methodology
    • Research Design
    • Research Methods
    • Data collection
  • Slide 6: Include research questions and hypotheses
  • Slides 7 and 8: Explain your data analysis.
  • Slides 9 and 10: Explain your findings.
  • Slide  11: Explain recommendations including an explanation of how  research-based decision-making can directly affect organizational  practices.
  • Slide  12 and 13: Reflect on your experience throughout the course. Provide  some of the things you learned and some of the course’s takeaways that  you can apply to your current or future job.
  • Slide 14: Include references for your sources.

Your PowerPoint must be a minimum of fourteen slides in length (including the title slide and a reference slide).You  are required to narrate your presentation. Utilize the note section to  write out your transcript per slide.  Ensure that you follow APA guidelines and  cite any resources you use.

Women’s roles in society | Social Science homework help

 This week discusses social institutions where women have traditionally encountered strictly-defined roles and focuses on two of them: the family and media and the arts. 

Refer to at least three learning resources assigned for this week in your response to this topic:

FIRST, in a paragraph or two, discuss what connects the expectations of women in all of the learning resources this week. Are there any common threads despite the differences in the various resources and the institutions they present?

SECOND, choose one of the following options: 

A. Pick a single institution described in the readings, and talk about how perceptions of and expectations of women have changed. In addition to referring to the learning resources, include specific examples from history, the news, the media, art, or your own life. Remember to consider intersectional identity in your response.

B. Discuss what needs to change to see equality in one or more of the institutions presented in this week’s learning resources. How will we know if it has been achieved? In addition to referring to the learning resources, include specific examples from history, the news, the media, or your own life. Remember to consider intersectional identity in your response.

Original Post: Provide your initial post which responds to the Discussion prompt by 11:59 pm on Friday. Initial question responses posted after Friday but before the end of the class week on Tuesday earn a maximum of 70/80 possible points for the original post. Your initial post should be at least 250-300 words in length, excluding the discussion prompt and the references. Posts should engage meaningfully with at least three assigned learning resources. 

References: Use APA parenthetical citations in your text and include a reference list at the end of your post. When you refer to and/or discuss any resources, you need to include a citation for that source, such as: (Braincraft, 2015).  For more information on APA style, go to: https://sites.umgc.edu/library/libhow/apa_examples.cfm.

Kang, M., Lessard, D., Heston, L., & Nordmarken, S. (2017). “Unit 3: Institutions, Cultures, and Structures.” Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies. (pp. 1-2). http://openbooks.library.umass.edu/introwgss/part/chapter-v-historical-and-contemporary-feminist-social-movements/

Marriage Protest of Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell


Lewis, J.J. (2019, July 13). A short history of women’s property rights in the United States. ThoughtCo. https://www.thoughtco.com/property-rights-of-women-3529578

Chicago, J. The dinner party. Brooklyn Museum, Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art. https://www.brooklynmuseum.org/eascfa/dinner_party/home

Of What Had I Ever Been Afraid?


Poetry | English homework help

1.  You are to choose just one poem from the list and prepare an explication-analysis essay.  Minimum length 2.5 pages.  Follow all the usual formatting guidelines. If you use scholarly essays to support your arguments, I will consider awarding extra credit. 

One exception is that you can choose to pick two poems written by Anne Sexton that examine her work as a good example of confessional poetry.  “Sexton suffered from post-partum depression, and after the birth of her first daughter she suffered her first breakdown and was admitted to a neuropsychiatric hospital. Other institutionalizations followed. Sexton struggled with depression for the remainder of her life. She committed suicide at age 46. “–https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poets/anne-sexton   Examine the “dark side” of the selections listed.  Pick two poems that might help us understand why Sexton chose some of the themes and situations she includes in her verses.

Shadow price (constraint 1) | Business & Finance homework help

There is a letter on 20 of the values in the sensitivity report. Choose one of the letters and explain what that number means with respect to the solved model. When you post your solution, please title your response “Letter ?” replacing the question mark with the letter you have chosen from the file. Please ensure you do not duplicate a response from a fellow student.


D13, i.e., Shadow Price (Constraint 1)

The shadow price for Constraint 1 is 0.5. The table shows the range for the right-hand side of a constraint where the shadow price remains unchanged.

So, as long as the right-hand side of constraint 1 is between 33 (lower limit) and 150 (upper limit), the shadow price of 0.5 will apply. Shadow price here refers to the amount of change in optimal objective function value per unit increase in the RHS of a constraint.

So, what will happen to optimal profit if the RHS constraint 1 increases by 50. Considering this is within the limit, this increase is allowable. Therefore the optimal profit will change by 50 (amount of change) times 0.5 (shadow price), i.e., 50 *0.5 =25. Hence, the profit will increase by 25 to become 85.8 (60.8 + 25).

So, what will happen if RHS constraint 1 decreases by 10 (30), then since the allowable decrease is 7, the decrease of 10 is not allowable, and shadow price is not applicable now. In this case, we need to resolve the model.

There are three major platforms that share the market: windows, mac,

There are three major platforms that share the market: Windows, Mac, and Linux.  

*Select your favorite one and compare your selection with the other two. 

*Explain why do you think that platform is superior to the others?  *Discuss the pros and cons when analyzing.  Make sure you articulate sufficiently and possibly support your arguments with some research.

*Add two additional statements about this topic for comments on other student’s posts.

Articles, Websites, and Videos REsources:

The article discusses some key features associated with a specific Windows build which is Build 16251 software update for the Windows 10 operating system, manufactured by Microsoft. Some of the components being analyzed include the redesign of the Cortana feature, interconnectivity between Android smartphone software and desktop software, elimination of log-in requirements, and a portrait mode for the Continuum feature.

*Hachman, M. (2017). Microsoft slips four more features into the Fall Creators Update with build 16251. PCWorld, 35(9), 14.

The authors of this paper examined open source software and how through fixing issues, identified by user feedback, as soon as solutions are isolated, leads to improvement of the software.

*Javed, Y., & Alenezi, M. (2016). Defectiveness evolution in open-source software systems. Procedia Computer Science, 82, 107-114. 

Supplemental Resources:

This paper provides a fairly comprehensive tutorial to a relatively new programming language called Mezzo.  The authors of this paper present Modular formalization of Mezzo’s core type system.

*Alabonski, T., Pottier, F., & Protzenko, J. (2016). The design and formalization of Mezzo, a permission-based programming language. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages & Systems, 38(4), pp. 1–94.

Why it fumbles analytics | Operations Management homework help


Please read the following Harvard Business Review – MIT Sloan Management Review Article:


Why IT Fumbles Analytics

by Donald A. Marchand and Jose Peppard
Harvard Business Review, January – February 2013


Please, answer for your INITIAL posting and discuss the following questions:


1. Detailed – Comprehensive Summary for THIS article.


 How to Write a Summary of an Article

https://owlcation.com/academia/How-to-Write-a-Summary (Links to an external site.)


      Your Detailed – Comprehensive Summary for THIS article post should be no less of 1,700 words.


2. Which are the three most CRITICAL ISSUES of THIS article? Please explain why? and analyze, and discuss in great detail …

    For EACH Critical Issue please post at least two strong comprehensive paragraphs


3. Which are the three most relevant LESSONS LEARNED of THIS article? Please explain why? and analyze, and discuss in great detail …

    For EACH Lesson Learned please post at least two strong comprehensive paragraphs


4. Which are the three most important BEST PRACTICES of THIS article? Please explain why? and analyze, and discuss in great detail …

    For EACH Best Practice please post at least two strong comprehensive paragraphs


5. How can you relate THIS article with the TOPICS COVERED in class? Please explain, analyze, and discuss in great detail …


6. Do you see any alignment of the concepts described in THIS article with the class concepts reviewed in class? Which are those alignments and misalignments? Why? Please explain, analyze, and discuss in great detail …

I expect high caliber reviews with top analyses and interesting insights for THIS article !!

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Due Sunday at 9:00pm