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respond to at least two of your classmates who chose a different option or form of treatment than you. You are encouraged to post your required replies earlier in the week to promote more meaningful interactive discourse in this discussion. Ask questions that might help to further your understanding of the discussion or take the discussion to a deeper level. State whether or not you agree with your peer’s suggestions for treatment. Explain why, or why not. Support your comments to your classmates with evidence from at least one scholarly source including in-text citations and a reference list that are in accordance with APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
#1Jauron James

ThursdayJan 4 at 3:33pm

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In the case of Maria and David, I believe that a family counselor would serve them best in this instance. As a counselor, I would assess both parents during an intake interview. An intake interview allows clinicians to ask questions related to mental health and client therapy expectations (McCarthy, DeLisi, Getzfeld, McCarthy, Moss-King, Mossler, Privitera, Spence, Walker, Weinberg & Youssef-Morgan, 2016). This would allow me to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they may be facing individually. When it comes to being new parents everyone goes through a period of fatigue, frustration, and uncertainty. From one day a person can go from going about our own schedule freely to having it altered by a new addition to the family. The important thing is the help them cope with the changes and learn different techniques that allow a smoother transition into parenthood. My main approach for the couple would be done through humanistic psychotherapy. Being able to accurately empathize with the clients can open them up to difference ideas where the two can work together with the young child and also strengthen their romantic relationship. Sometimes people just need to be able to openly voice their opinion, which is where talk therapy could be beneficial for the couple. Ethically, when providing therapy to couples, my duties would be to clarify the relationship that I would have with them, whether they are client/patient. I would also inform them of the role I would be playing and how the solicited information I received would assistance in providing treatment.


McCarthy, C. J., DeLisi, M., Getzfeld, A. R., McCarthy, C. J., Moss-King, D. A., Mossler, R., Privitera, G. J., Spence, C., Walker, J. D., Weinberg, R. S., & Youssef-Morgan, C. M. (2016). Introduction to applied behavioral science [Electronic version]. Retrieved from
#2 Devin Brown

ThursdayJan 4 at 4:09pm

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I chose Maria and David of option c.

a clinical psychologist may attempt to explain the feelings of the parents with the use of science, such as using hormones as a scapegoat. a clinical psychologist will also use medicine as a problem solver

a counseling psychologist allows the parents to participate in finding a cure. Medicinal is not the main focus, instead, life changes are suggested

counselor-a counselor would simply give guidance, more to the effect of an advisor rather than a doctor

the best approach in my opinion would be the approach of the counseling psychologist because the lessons learned through him/her wouldn’t be that of dependency as with the clinical psychologist. or throwing caution to the wind as with the advisor but focus would be placed on how to help themselves through the tough times which is lessons necessary not only at the beginning of a child but all the way through child-rearing as being a lifestyle change rather than a temporary burden