Anthropology reading response | Reading homework help


Sterk, Claire “Fieldwork on Prostitution in the Era of Aids” from 2012 Conformity and Conflict, Readings in Cultural Anthropology. Pearson, New York

Stryker, Rachael “Public Interest Ethnography-Women’s Prisons and Health Care in California” from from 2012 .  Pearson, New York

Format :

1 – Citation (found below)

2 – The central theme of the reading / article 

3 – A few paragraphs of what the reading / article was about 

4 – Your critical thoughts and feelings on the reading / article, such as did it change your view of the topic. This is your opportunity to share a personal experience, draw other commonalities from what you read in the article to your life experience, or ask a question you had from the articles. 

THIS IS NOT A SUMMARY. Each response should be at least a page to a page and a half long and they must be thorough.

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