Assess ethics in global, international, and multicultural | Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability | Rasmussen College System


You are the International Acquisition Specialist for your company. Your organization is looking to acquire a competitor that has a presence in China and India. Due to your international experience, the board has asked for you to assess the practices within these countries compared to the United States as it pertains to corporate social responsibility and ethics.


  • Write a brief in Microsoft Word (minimum three pages) that analyzes the ethical differences of these countries compared to the United States
  • Address the following:
  • How do ethical practices in both China and India impact organizational decision-making?
  • How do human rights laws differ in China and India compared to the United States?
  • How do the culture and values within these countries differ from the United States?
  • How do economics impact ethics and corporate social responsibility in these countries?
  • What ethical organizational issues within China and India, if any, are involved in this situation?
  • Provide attribution for credible sources used in the professional brief.

APA format 

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