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Unit VIII Project

  Unit VIII Course Project     Art Gallery: Commentary      For Unit VIII, the last segment of your art gallery course project, you will be adding a comprehensive statement to your PowerPoint presentation and finalizing your segments from the previous units. You will submit the entire presentation, including those portions from previous units, […]

BEH 103 Discussion

  I need help with this BEH 103 course discussion.  Watch the following fascinating perspective on education: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDZFcDGpL4U  (Note: you may want to take notes!) Respond to the following items in 2-3 well-written paragraphs.   Summarize three main points you took away from this presentation. Visit the following website identifying the top educational systems in the world:http://www.ncee.org/programs-affiliates/center-on-international-education-benchmarking/top-performing-countries/ Take a […]

Discussion Question

  Watch the video about Tanya prior to answering the questions or read the transcript. Using Kohlberg’s or Gilligan’s theories, explain the developmental stage that Tanya seems to be experiencing. Use examples from the scenario and the theory in your response. What are she and other adolescents who put themselves in this position trying to figure […]

answer questions with explanation

(2 points for each question) (1)  Consider the following entity-relation diagram. Please select the correct statement.  Provider Visit 1:N (a)  A single record in the Provider table is associated with multiple records in the Visit table (b)  Multiple records in the Provider table are associated with a single record in the Visit table (c)  A […]

Elements of Reasoning and Intellectual Standards

ALL ORIGINAL WORK PLEASE!!!!!!!  For our assignment this week, you may choose either Option A or Option B. Regardless of the option you choose, be sure to read through the entire assignment directions before crafting your essay. Additionally, use the Week Six Assignment Organization Guide to help you organize your paper. HU260 W6 Assignment Organization […]

Assignment 1: Discussion—Working with Communities to Design Public Health Interventions

  Designing interventions to serve communities is the heart of public  health practice. Community level models and frameworks suggest  strategies and initiatives that are planned and led by organizations and  infrastructures. Their mission is to promote and improve health  including, but not limited to, schools, worksites, healthcare  organizations, community groups, and government agencies. Public health […]

Discussion Board

Please answer each question separately. Each question must be 250-300 words each. Please be plagiarism free and also, make sure sources are cited APA. 1. Strategic leaders must make sure that the firm maximizes its core competencies. Discuss how strategic leaders can achieve this task. 2. Strategic leaders develop the firm’s strategic direction. The strategic […]

Individual: Defining the Cyber Domain

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the organization you chose in the Week 1 discussion, “Key Components of an Information System as Related to the Cyber Domain,” is looking for more information on the cyber domain in hopes of determining the organization’s cybersecurity needs. As a cybersecurity consultant, you believe you can provide the CIO […]

annotated bibliography

  This assignment will be one of several throughout the Ph.D. program that we use to help you prepare for the dissertation process. One of the core competencies necessary to succeed in a doctoral program is the ability to identify other research that pertains to your own. This means you’ll have to identify related research, […]