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250 words agree or disagree to each questions 


 I found the gliffy diagramming process to be very similar to mind mapping. Many websites allow creating similar types of diagrams for different uses. I normally would use mind mapping to brainstorm an essay topic since I teach analytical writing. Which later, I noticed by maneuvering around gliffy is that there is also a mind mapping shortcut. In this case, I created a flowchart on gliffy by addressing an enemy that I saw as relevant and relatable to our society. I chose alcohol to be the enemy that we are battling. This is a prevalent topic and one that many battle.
               First, I created a box in the center and named it alcohol. I then branched out to the main ideas from my thesis statement that I wanted to discuss in my writing by creating boxes around the main box and addressing the problems it can cause. I connected each box to the main box by using the connector that is available on the site. Once I identified the main ideas, I then created additional subtitles, which will be discussed in each body paragraph explaining how alcohol could contribute to poor workplace performance. I could have easily made my flowchart on gliffy more in-depth by organizing my boxes in the order of my introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion as well. I can see how this type of diagramming would help create an organized presentation for written and oral communication.
               I think gliffy is a great tool to have access to, and I plan on using it to brainstorm more of my writing prompts in the future. It is imperative for any leader in a management position to use and have access to gliffy to brainstorm their ideas and visualize all their ideas in an organized manner. Lastly, I find processes like this useful because many ideas are running through our heads when tasked to accomplish a task. Diagrams like gliffy allow for the creator to write out all their ideas and then go back and analyze these ideas. Some ideas may remain on the diagram while others might not be as important, or the creator might not be too knowledgeable, therefore some ideas may require more research.


The process I chose for this week’s chapter is something that I unconsciously check very often, and I’m pretty sure most of you all do the same. I am talking about checking my banking account using the mobile application.

Diagram  Description automatically generated

As shown above, I tried to create a flowchart of how a customer can interact with their banking app using the Gliffy free trial software and I have to say for the first time using it, I found the software to be user friendly and it has all the basic features that I needed to create my flowchart. The ability to quickly drag and drop the symbols is what I found to be its strongest functionality in my opinion and I like the fact that it allows a user to track their saved documents in google drive or Gliffy’s drive. Additionally, I like the fact that it has the ability to add more shapes from a very extensive library (Android, AWS, CISCO etc.) in the free trial.

It’s hard to tell what I dislike about Gliffy because I’m using the free trial but one thing I found that was very strange was that every time I clicked on the save button, it would create a new version of the diagram even though there were no changes at all, reason why on the screenshot I ended up with v8. Another thing, was the ability to export the flowchart. For a software with so much potential, I was disappoint to see that it only has 4 file formats (.PNG, .JPG, .SVG and Gliffy) for the premium version. For someone who have used Microsoft Visio a few times in the past, I would prefer it compare to Gliffy.

The purpose of diagramming a process is that it contributes to showing us the sequence of tasks that we are working with, help us understanding and translate our text-based data information into visual process and explains all the roadblocks that we might have by unlocking our mind to make connections between all the activities within the diagram.

It’s important from the management perspective because it benefits managers to improve understanding and decision-making. When they are able to recognize the kind of problems they are dealing with, managers are able improve their firm’s competitiveness.   


Grace G.


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