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Career field of choice is Dental Hygienist……

please schedule a time and date to interview someone who is currently working in your career field of choice. Contact local hospitals, health departments, federally qualified health centers for more information. The interview can take place via phone call, in-person or via e-mail. Obtain the following information: salary, education requirements, job description, work environment, etc.

Once you gather this information, create a PowerPoint presentation with no more than 7 slides. Slide 1: Cover page – Name, date, course, occupation of your choice Slide 2: Why does this occupation interest you? Slide 3: Education requirements and salary Slide 4: Job description Slide 5: Work environment Slide 6: Has your interest increased or decreased? Why? Slide 7: References

Note: this presentation is about you. Answer slides 2 and 6 from your point of view.

Once completed, upload the PowerPoint to the tab entitled “Public Health Workforce.” Review at least two of your classmates PowerPoints and provide at least one paragraph of feedback. This assignment is worth 200 points. You will earn 190 points for the presentation and 10 points for responding to two classmates. Your replies should be at least one paragraph to obtain full points.

Tips for creating effective PowerPoint presentations: