Case study | Computer Science homework help

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The attached pdf file introduces a real-world business problem as it presents the case of AUDI AG and its attempts to implement big data analytics in its organization.

For your first individual case analysis, you need to critically analyze this case study, summarize the key idea, discuss the IT challenges and present your recommendations. 

This report will be organized as follows:

1.       Introduction – Short summary of the business problem. This section will also include a background of the organization.

2.       Challenges – Provide for a brief description of the challenges that the organization is facing and how they are planning to address them. This section will provide the audience with a picture of how the organization is planning to address some of the challenges.

3.       Change Management – Discuss how change is being managed by the organization. 

4.       Recommendations – Discuss what you would have done differently and why.

5.       Conclusions – Discuss the lessons learned and the key messages that you would like the audience to take away.

The report should not be more than 1000 words.