Case study | Economics homework help


 i want a report about the uploaded case study these are the qustions :


1-     What happened to Japans Big Four Automakers in 1985, and then agin in 1994-1995? Why did these changes occur?


2-     Hoe well did the Japanese firms respond to the changes of 1985?What will they have to do differently in 1995?


3-     What lessons,if any,can other firms take from the response of Japans automakers to endaka?




  nolte that each question should be answred sepearatly


the instructions are


1- the paper should be 11 pages


2- ONLY 5 written pages and the other 6 must be exhibit (CHARTS)


3- the exhibit can be from the internet but must be refered to in answering the questions


4- the font is 12 double spaced


5- the citation style is APA


6- the cause study should be the main resource and you can use 2 additional resources




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