Case study | Project Management | Northeastern University

You are the CEO of a mid-tier organization that is implementing a more rigorous approach to approving projects. In the past, there has been no formalized process for approving projects leading to inconsistent outcomes and misuse of investment funds.  A manager has approached you to approve a project which she believes will lead to a 6% revenue growth for the organization.  The project involves developing a new prototype for a product that will revolutionize the drone market.  The manager is not sure of all of the details yet on what is required but has approached you to approve her moving forward with the development of the prototype.   This seems to be the perfect opportunity for you as the CEO to implement your new process of approving projects.  What guidance will you give her in terms of the information you will need in order to approve the prototype?  What type of validation process should you have once she submits the documents?

1 – 2 pages, with any references, and no title page and need in 14 hours

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