Database fundamental | Business & Finance homework help

 Based on the case scenario provided, (1) developing a collection of spreadsheets on a file system to manage a business process, (2) identifying and discussing the problems of using a collection of spreadsheets on a file system, (3) discussing the benefits of using a database system and (4)  drawing an ERD and developing a database table design for the information system proposed in the case. 

Leadership intervention reflection paper | Article writing homework help

In the past few weeks, you practiced observation skills by watching Invictus, a movie that tells “the inspiring true story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team to help unite their country.”. While watching the film, you were instructed to pay special attention to the factors relating to group dynamics for teams, which include but are not limited to

1. Team beginnings

2. Leader’s behaviors,

3. Communication Patterns, 

4. Conflict resolution style,

5. Power styles,

6. Decision making style,

7. Creativity,

8. Diversity. 

You were also instructed to identify interventions/ style developed by different leaders in the film. 

Write a paper (1000 words) to the following three questions: 

1. Which leadership intervention has impressed you the most?

2. How does a leader contribute to the development of this intervention?

If you were that leader, do you think you could or would want to develop a different intervention? 

Assignment 1 | Accounting homework help


Complete Problems 3 and 11 in Chapter 1 of the textbook. Each response should be in paragraph form and at least 500 words. Complete Problem 16 in Chapter 2. For the data flow diagram and flowchart you have the option to prepare your response in Word or Excel formats. For text answers in Excel, please use text boxes or other appropriate method to properly format the text.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

 You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance. 

Mock incident response plan | Government homework help


EDMG230 – Mock Incident Response Plan – Powerpoint Presentation

This assignment is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the material we have covered during the course. For this project students will come up with a fictitious incident response plan and develop a Powerpoint presentation containing a minimum of 10 slides.

Develop a response plan for a mock incident involving a facility or location in Colorado. This is a single incident of your choosing, such as a fire, active shooter, natural disaster, etc. We are looking for you to simulate an incident response and use your project as an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about the incident command process during the course. The Powerpoint presentation should contain the following slides:

  • Slide 1 – Title Page
  • Slide 2 – Overview of the Incident
  • Slides 3 – 9 – Comprehensive Response Plan
  • Last slide – References


Decide who will be the Incident Commander (IC). Or you could choose a Unified Command (UC). Develop the five ICS functional areas and specific responsibilities for each area pertaining to your incident. A completely developed and detailed Incident Action Plan (IAP) should be included as part of your presentation. You should also include maps, images as well as the completed ICS Forms (excel file) we worked on during the Week 6 Forum.

You should use a minimum of three sources to support your plan. These sources may include applicable federal, state, or local laws, as well as research or other sources relevant to your plan.

Your powerpoint presentation should contain a minimum of 10 slides, including your title and reference slides. All sources used must be properly cited. Your references should be formatted in APA style.

External research will generally be required in addition to the assigned readings. Please create your final project in Microsoft Powerpoint, and upload as an attachment for submission

Please view and use attachments 

Discussion #12 | American history homework help

Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, has been described as having had a very engaging personality. Even people who disagreed with his policies, found themselves drawn to his attractive and carefully honed public image. Surrounded by tough, energetic administrators who insulated him from many of the pressures of the office, he seemed to offer general guidance but not make specific decisions. His presidency was also mired in a series of scandals, but the most damaging was the Iran-contra scandal. After a series of investigations and congressional hearings, the White House conceded that it had sold weapons to the revolutionary government in Iran, and used some of the money to illegally aid the Contras in Nicaragua. This was in direct violation of the Boland Amendment. 

QUESTION:  In 1983, Democratic Congresswoman Pat Schroeder described Reagan’s presidency as “Teflon-coated,” because scandals surrounding his presidency seem to have no effect on his individual popularity. Is this a valid assessment of Reagan and his presidency?

 The Reagan Administration | Boundless US History ( 

Nursing assignment. | PRAC 6665 | Walden University

Assignment: Journal Entry

Photo Credit: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Critical reflection of your growth and development during your practicum experience in a clinical setting has the benefit of helping you to identify opportunities for improvement in your clinical skills, while also recognizing your strengths and successes.

Use this Journal to reflect on your clinical strengths and opportunities for improvement, the progress you made, and what insights you will carry forward into your next practicum. 

To Prepare
  • Refer to the “Population-Focused Nurse Practitioner Competencies” found in the Week 1 Learning Resources, and consider the quality measures or indicators advanced nursing practice nurses must possess in your specialty of interest.
  • Refer to your Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form you submitted in Week 1, and consider your strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Refer to your Patient Log in Meditrek, and consider the patient activities you have experienced in your practicum experience and reflect on your observations and experiences.
Journal Entry (450–500 words)

Learning From Experiences

  • Revisit the goals and objectives from your Practicum Experience Plan. Explain the degree to which you achieved each during the practicum experience.
  • Reflect on the three (3) most challenging patients you encountered during the practicum experience. What was most challenging about each?
  • What did you learn from this experience?
  • What resources were available?
  • What evidence-based practice did you use for the patients?
  • What would you do differently?
  • How are you managing patient flow and volume?
  • How can you apply your growing skillset to be a social change agent within your community?

Communicating and Feedback

  • Reflect on how you might improve your skills and knowledge, and communicate those efforts to your Preceptor.
  • Answer the questions: How am I doing? What is missing?
  • Reflect on the formal and informal feedback you received from your Preceptor.

Exp19_access_ch05_cap_varmel_studio_toys | Computer Science homework help



 Start Access. Open the file named Exp19_Access_Ch05_Cap_Varmel_Studio_Toys.accdb. Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the filename. 

 You will save the database file with a new name and create a new table that will be the source for a lookup.

Save the database file as Exp19_Access_Ch05_Cap_Varmel_Studio_Toys_LastFirst.accdb. Use Design view to create a new table. Add ItemTypeID as the first field name, with data type AutoNumber; add ItemTypeDescription as the second field name, with data type Short Text and field size 15


Ensure ItemTypeID is set as the primary key. Save the table and name it Item Types. Add two records: Action Figure and Poster. Close the table.


You will edit the Inventory table design to validate data. You will make two fields required and add a validation rule to a field. You will also make sure you test the validation to make sure the rules work as intended.

Open the Inventory table in Design view. Set the InventoryQty and ItemTypeID fields to Required.

Unit vi case study | DBA 8710 – International Business and Global Strategy | Columbia Southern University

Please make that it is your own work and not copy and paste off of someone else work. Please watch out for spelling errors and grammar errors and read the study guide. Please use the APA format. This is a DBA course and needs to be done on this level.

Book reference: Hill, C. W. L. (2021). International business: Competing in the global marketplace (13th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education. 


Global Branding, Marvel Studios, and Walt Disney Company

This unit has focused on global marketing research and development (R&D). The Management Focus “Global Branding, Marvel Studios, and the Walt Disney Company” can be found on page 534 of the course textbook. You will be required to read the case study and answer the questions below.

  1. From a global branding standpoint, why do you think Marvel Studios is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company instead of just a part of Disney?
  2. Marvel Comics has drawn from more than 100 characters for its Avengers superheroes since 1963. Collectively, these characters have created a very successful franchise for Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. What is their global marketing formula, and why do you think this global marketing works for the company?
  3. Many of Marvel Studios movies are connected to each other (e.g., The Avengers and Iron Man movie franchises). Do you think the film-watching public can keep up with all of these intricate connections? Does it even matter if people do keep up with the connections (e.g., Tony Stark across so many movies)?
  4. What does Marvel Studios gain by having the global branding connections of the characters across multiple movie franchises?

Your paper needs to be at least four full pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. You must include at least two sources to support your assignment. One source can be the course textbook. The second source should be from the CSU Online Library. The paper must be in the APA format.You do not need to include an abstract for this assignment. If you are unsure about the APA formatting requirements, please be sure to review the formatting information provided for you in the classroom, within the student portal, and through the Writing Center.


The following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.


College cheating discussion | Criminal homework help

According to recent research, college cheating has increased  significantly in the last several years. In fact, according to reports  from The New York Times and The Guardian, cases of academic misconduct  have risen by more than 40% over the last five years. 

Which of the following theories of deviance — differential  association or anomie —best explains the recent increase in cheating  among college students? Why? Have you ever engaged in academic  misconduct? Finally, based upon your assertions, what strategies can be  implemented (either by students or at the university level) to prevent  and/or decrease incidents?

Notes in the bathroom, Google Translate: How college students try to cheat (Links to an external site.)

Hypothesis for a 3×3 factorial design (anova)

The experiment revolves around the effect of music and chocolate on words remembered. The first IV is the effect of music with 3 conditions. No music, Classical Music and no music. The second IV has 3 conditions of chocolate, no chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. These are the main effects.
There is the interaction effect of Music and chocolate combined. Would I state my hypothesis to be H1: Music will have the highest amount of words remembered. H2: Chocolate will have the highest amount of words remembered and H1x2 Music and Chocolate will have the highest amount of words remembered? Or should my Hypothesis be directional such as H1: Classical music and Dark chocolate will have the highest words remembered. H2: Pop Music and Dark chocolate will have the next to the highest words remembered. And H3 Classical Music and Milk chocolate will rank third in the highest amount of words remembered.