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Reread the full text of the study you selected in Week One. Evaluate  the study and write a critique, using the textbook and relevant journal  articles to support your analysis of the study. Use the following  section headings and content in your paper. Introduction State the purpose of the paper. Clearly identify the study being  critiqued, by title and authors. Summarize the research question,  hypothesis (if a quantitative study), and background information on the  topic from the study’s literature review. Did the authors present a  well-balanced summary of current knowledge about the topic? Is there any  apparent bias in the literature review? Methods Differentiate the research design (experimental or non-experimental)  and approach (qualitative or quantitative), sampling method, and data  collection methods. Indicate the sample size, variables and measures (if  a quantitative study), statistical tests (if a quantitative study),  coding and analysis procedures (if a qualitative study), and any  assumptions made by the researchers. Were the procedures chosen  appropriate for the study? What alternative methods would you suggest? Ethical Aspects Analyze ethical issues pertaining to this study. Did the researchers  explicitly address ethical issues in the article? If not, was there  evidence in the report that the participants’ safety and confidentiality  were protected? Was an approval process by an Institutional Review  Board or similar ethics review committee mentioned? Were any of the  practices ethically questionable (deception, coercion, etc.)? Results Present a summary of the results of the analysis performed in the  study. Did the authors keep their interpretations and conclusions  separate from the analysis results (evidence)? Discussion and Conclusion Analyze and critique the conclusions drawn by the researchers. Do  the conclusions follow logically from the results of the analysis?  Evaluate the overall efficacy of the research study by identifying the  strengths and weaknesses of aspects of its design and implementation.  Identify the limitations noted by the researchers and add any  limitations you see that were not mentioned in the article. Describe the  directions for future research proposed by the authors and evaluate  their appropriateness. Recommend at least one idea for a future study  that will overcome some of the limitations of this study.  Keep in mind  that this suggested future study will serve as the basis for your Final  Paper.

Your paper should be four to six pages in length (excluding title and  reference pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in  the Ashford Writing Center. Utilize a minimum of five sources that were  published within the last 10 years and are documented in APA style, as  outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. These sources should include the  article being critiqued, at least three peer-reviewed journal articles,  and the course textbook. It is recommended that you visit the Research  Methods research guide in the Ashford University Library for suggested  articles, as well as searching for articles in the Library’s databases.