Discuss 5 part 2 | Education homework help

To prepare for Part 2 of this Discussion, reflect on the problem statements you discussed in the Module 4 Discussion and select one problem statement to address for this part of the Discussion. Think about the key stakeholders in relation to your problem statement and consider why these stakeholders are relevant to the problem. What questions, related to the problem, might you ask these key stakeholders?

In determining key stakeholders, you might ask yourself:

Who will I need to obtain approval from in order to explore this problem?

As it pertains to stakeholders, what are the risks and benefits of exploring this problem?

Who will I need to involve as participants in exploring this problem?

How will the possible outcomes of exploring this problem impact the stakeholders positively and/or negatively?

Write a 1 page post the key stakeholders related to your selected problem statement with an explanation as to why these stakeholders are relevant to the problem. Then, identify at least four questions about the problem to which you would like stakeholders to respond. Finally, explain why the responses may be important to understanding and/or addressing the problem.  

Include intext citations an include references. 

Attached below are Issues and articles from discussion of module 4… Choose 1 problem and answer the following above 

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