Discussion board | EDUC 304 – Classroom Management for Teachers (D) | Liberty University

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You are required to create a thread in response to the prompt provided for each forum. Each thread must be at least 300 words, incorporate at least 1 citation and reference in current APA format, and demonstrate course-related knowledge. There are 6 Discussion Board Forums found in Weeks 2 through 7, and each initial thread has a different prompt. 

One common component of each discussion board is the inclusion of a Biblical principle. When integrating a Biblical principle into your thread, you should also include the scripture reference. Successful Biblical integration demonstrates the verse in application, thereby expanding relative discussion with regard to the verse. 


1,Discuss at least 3 motivational strategies that you can use to promote a positive classroom environment. How does producing a quality lesson plan positively affect classroom management? 

2.Discuss your plan for intervention when off-task behavior occurs and include the 3-tiered responses a teacher should follow. What practices should not be used because of their negative effects on behavior management?


3.Identify at least 10 types of classroom reinforcers. Include examples of reinforcers that encourage appropriate behavior. Which are the most effective type of reinforcers and why?


4. Discuss at least 3 sources of diversity that are common in today’s classrooms. What strategies can you employ to encourage appropriate behavior among diverse groups? How does getting to know your students increases your effectiveness for working with diversity?