Ed7631 week 1 discussion two defining hpi | ED7631 Intro to Training & Perfor Sys | Capella University


Defining HPI

After completing the text readings, reviewing media content and listening to the Judith Hale audio presentation, write a 200–250 word description of HPI:

  • Provide your own brief definition of HPI and the HPT Model.
  • Describe key concepts, theories, and major HPI contributors.
  • Identify those HPI concepts that coincide with your knowledge of HPI when you enrolled in the course.
  • Highlight those HPI concepts that surprised you, with brief explanations.


Human Performance Improvement

In the Information Age, it has become critical for organizations to understand the key factors that drive human performance and how understanding these factors can be used to improve the ability of an organization to accomplish its goals and mission. Automation and data accessibility continue to have an impact on the need for quality work processes and a high-performance workforce. To this end, the field of human performance improvement continues to evolve. As Van Tiem, Moseley, and Dessinger (2012) explained: “Craftsmanship established standards; work design improved efficiency; quality focused on customer expectations; the ever-widening distribution of information enabled a global economy, and the people became more valuable to their organizations” (p. 3).

To learn more about the conceptual foundations of performance improvement, read the following:

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