English 102 mla writing assignment 1000 word, 4-6 sources required


The Effects of Distant Learning On Student


1.General Sentence about the topic  After spreading Corona virus, it became dangerous for students to go to schools and gather, because of the difficulty of controlling the virus. As a result, all the schools and universities have had to cancel attendance learning and make it remote

2. Background: Distance learning has many consequences for all people, especially students

3. Reason for choosing the topic : Because the topic describes the situation of most students during these current years , it is important for most people, whether they are students or teachers. 

4. Research Question : What are the effects of distance learning on students? 

4. Thesis: Write the actual one sentence thesis statement : This research describe the effects of distance learning on students ,as some are positive and others are negative 

Body Paragraphs: 

I. First Main Idea : Positive effects of distant learning on students 

A.  Distracted from the classes and lack of focus and censorship 

B.  Difficulty learning and understanding information 

C. Cheating and relying on others and getting used to these wrong behaviors

D.  The obstacle of not having appropriate electronic devices or internet for some students 

E. Feeling bored and lack of interaction with students and the teacher as before 

F.  Stress and pressure on the students

G. Deterioration of the motivational level 

H. Difficulty getting grades

II. Second Main Idea: negative effects of distant learning on students 

A. Students were able to study in schools in other cities without travelling

B.  Lower student absence rate

C. The student acquires new skills of using technology

D. The students get used to depending on themselves and organizing their time

E. Improves students’ self-learning skill

F. Developing the skill of cooperation among students

G. Parents’ ability to know their children’s academic level

III. Third Main Idea: Solutions 

A. ……. 

B. ……. 

C. ……… 

D. ……. 

IV. Conclusion: Online learning has various impacts. Positive impacts such as distracted from the classes, difficulty learning, cheating and relying on others, the hurdle of the cost of devices, impaired class interaction, the pressure on the students, deterioration of the motivational level and the Difficulty of getting grades. Negative impacts like the traveling is not required, lower student absence rate, acquire different skills and improve it and the parents’ ability to know their children’s academic level. I advise all students not to neglect their lessons, because this will affect them in the future, rely on themselves and take responsibility, try to interact during lessons and change the sitting position or the place of study every session so that they interact more do not get bored 

A. Restate your thesis statement 

B. Answer your research question from the findings of your resources 

C. Add your recommendations (at least 4 recommendations) and add the reasons/rationale for each recommendation.(important!) 

Please Read The Attached Introduction and stick to it.

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