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When communicating, we constantly make decisions regarding what information to include and what information to exclude from our messages. Communication decisions have legal and ethical dimensions. Business communicators must consider the impact of their messages to ensure that receivers are not deceived.

In this assignment, students will write about news or articles that focus on the subject of business ethics in communication. Students will demonstrate and reflect the impact and importance of ethics in communication. 

Students are required to write 6 pages in length, including a cover page, table of contents, and reference page. The paper must follow APA format and include appropriate headings and sub-headings and at least five scholarly citations (e.g., peer-reviewed articles, textbook, etc.). See the rubric for grading criteria. Suggested headings are listed below: Abstract Overview, Introduction, or Background Summary of news or articles Impact of Ethics in Communication Relevance of the content toward ethics and communication Consequences or impact to the subject, organization, and/or society Importance of Ethics in Business Discussion or Reflection Implication of lesson learned Conclusion References