Event propose | Management homework help


Complete an event proposal based on client needs.

Once the location is determined by the event planner, various sites or venues are considered based on the planner’s site checklist to determine suitability. Read the scenario and then address the checklist items. Complete the assignment using the event proposal template.

Scenario: Your corporate client, Watson Kyle, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HK Inc., wants to host a cocktail reception at a venue with a view that has music in the city nearest you. He wants appetizers and cocktails served on a weeknight in February at a high-end nightspot for 200 people. The budget is $20,000. Describe the meeting venue and the checklist for your site inspection.


  • Do research on the Internet and provide (3) three possible venues. Insert the names and descriptions of the possible venues you considered.
  • Provide your reasoning for selecting the venues that you chose.
  • Then based on the criteria given by your client in the provided scenario, select the best choice venue and complete the event proposal template provided.

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