Final research project for negotiation class

For the Final Project presentation the student must submit:

 A – A written Research Paper reflecting the SUBJECT BELOW with reference to the academic aspects covered in class.  It must be an academic study, can include illustrations. It must have a length of TEN (10) FIFTEEN (15) PAGES of solid academic content.  Follow ALL the work presentation requisites set forth by SIU.  

SUBJECT: What influences does gender have in negotiation processes?

This book MUST BE USED as a reference: (CHAPTER 14 talks about the subject)

Negotiation (Links to an external site.)  8th Edition  

Roy Lewicki, David Saunders & Bruce Barry

© 2020 Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin | Published: (2020)

Work must be presented in APA style. Including abstract and references. 

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