Forensic assessment cases | PSY 640 Psychological Testing & Assessment | Ashford University

Take on the role of a psychologist assigned a case in which the client has a legal concern. Forensic Scenario, Mr. M (Not Guilty Plea): Your client, Mr. M., was referred by the court for an evaluation of his mental condition after his attorney entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf. Review the Case Description: Mr. M—Forensic, Pre-trial Criminal Score Report, and begin with a one-paragraph summary of the test data you deem most significant. Based on the information provided, determine if retesting with the MMPI-3 is recommended at this time and explain your rationale?. Utilize attach readings and any additional scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources needed to develop a list of assessment instruments and evaluation procedures in addition to the MMPI-2-RF and/or the MMPI-3 to administer to the client?Justify your assessment choices by providing an evaluation of the ethical and professional practice standards and an analysis of the reliability and validity of the instruments?

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