Homework assignment – social media 2

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This Homework, does not need to be formal paper. You can copy the question and answer normally. 

Each answer with minimum of 25 words. I am adding in here, since I don’t have the book and no time to make this homework. below are the Questions:

*Answer the following questions based on Chapter 10 and 11 of Tuten, T. L. & Solomon, M. R. (2018). Social Media Marketing (3rd ed.):*

  1. What is social media research?
  2. Why is social media research valuable for marketers? How do marketers use it?
  3. What are the sources of data for social media researchers?
  4. What sources of error are common in social media research?
  5. When should a researcher use content analysis versus sentiment analysis?
  6. What are the components of a social intelligence system?
  7. How can researchers use netnography?
  8. What is a metric? What is a KPI?
  9. Why is the Social Media ROI Pyramid useful in selecting appropriate KPIs?
  10. Explain the meaning of SMART objectives.
  11. How can marketing managers apply the DATA process to evaluate social media marketing efforts?
  12. Describe the differences among activity metrics, interaction metrics, and return metrics.
  13. What is A/B testing and how is it used?
  14. What kinds of adjustments might marketers make after the metrics are assessed?