Hsa 320 db 3 | HSA320 Administration in Healthcare Services | Colorado Technical University

400-600 words APA 6 format, 2 cited sources- more can be used if needed. Provide sources used.

As a health care manager, you will be involved in strategic management. Discuss the following in regard to this:

  • Does strategic management involve long-term or short-term activities?
  • Describe how strategic management helps your facility control the future.


While the first question may seem more “yes or no” in nature, it is also a point that you can expand upon using the knowledge from this course.  The Learning Materials in Unit 3 have a specific section dedicated to strategic management that might be helpful in expanding upon this first prompt.  Identifying examples of both long term and short terms strategic activities can also demonstrate knowledge of the subject area.  

For the second prompt, you can also consult the course materials.  Feel free to bring in real-life examples or references from outside of your course materials to support your ideas.  For instance, as a manager I can say that strategic management has helped me in many ways control the trajectory of my department and my employees in the context of a larger organization.  Being involved in a strategic management plan helps me grow my department, budget for the future, and inform and train my personnel.  When you are responding to peers, reflect on what their experiences might be with strategic management and looks for both similarities and differences to your own experience and those you have read about in the course materials. Strategic management is concept that is not seen just in healthcare; it used across the entire business world to help manage and grow companies for the future.  Even not-for-profits use them to help define their missions, goals, and vision for the future.

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