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Discussion Essay 


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For this assignment each student will write a double-spaced paper no longer than one page in APA format. This will also include a title page and reference page. A nursing situation will be described in which a nursing call (problem) is identified. Nursing situations can be from your clinical practice, simulation experiences, or personal situations. They must be nursing-care related, not medical or organizational problems. Use the caring literature as a guide (Barry, C. D., Gordon, S. C. & King, B. M. (2015). Nursing Case Studies in Caring: Across the Practice Spectrum). The last sentence will specifically note the nursing problem (call). Refer to the sample paper in your module as a guide.Example Introduction for the Nursing Situation to PICOT Paper.docx

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For this assignment, each student will write a PICOT question relevant to the nursing call (problem) that was introduced in the Nursing Situation assignment. This assignment will include:

Each student is to post to the discussion board the following:

(a) Brief description of the nursing call (no more than 3 sentences);

(b) Next , a complete written PICOT question in question format using the templates in Chapter 2 of the textbook and based on the type of question you are asking.This is to include Identification of the written components of the question:

P = Population; I =Intervention or issue of interest; C = Comparison intervention or issue for observation; O = Outcome; T = Time.

The components must be relevant and matched to the type of question you have designated. For instance, if you choose to use an intervention type question, the I component (intervention) must be an action that can to result in the outcome (O component).