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1. Pick a topic from the list below

-Genetic engineering

-DNA fingerprinting

-Gene Therapy


-Genetically Modified Food/ organisms

– Stem Cells

– Transgenic Animals

– Reproductive Technologies/ In- Vitro Fertilization

Step One:

Conduct additional research on the topic of your choose. You can also look for current news in newspaper articles, web pages (ending mostly in edu. or org.) etc. You must site AT LEAST THREE other sources/ articles.

Step Two:

Divide the research up into the following areas. You must understand the following areas.

– Section One: A large clear creative title 

-Section Two: A clear definition and description of the topic

– Section Three: The science behind the process, including the step by step process

– Section Four: Current applications of the technology

– Section Five: At least two examples of where and why it has been (ab) used, or ways it might be (ab) used. – choose a side as this is a propaganda!

– Section Six: Reasons for using it (pros) and reason against using it (cons)- based on the side you chose

– Section Seven: Politics / Ethics/ Economics

a. Is there a difference between the way the United States views this science as a compared to other countries?

b. What ethical issues does this technology present?

c. How is money involved with this project ( there is usually money involved….)?

– Section Eight: Future uses/ applications for this technoloogy