Please write a paragraph in response to each of the three (3)


please write a paragraph in response to each of the three (3) questions on each of the following in relation to…

Reading – Operating Principles

Required reading: Iannone- chapter 2, and Thibault- chapter 5.

1.) # 1 – In the second chapter of SUPERVISION OF POLICE PERSONNEL describe how a supervisor accomplishes his duties in relation to the direction function. In my professional experience and education, it is simplistically imperative that first line supervisors must be clearfair and credible. After answering the first sentence of this question, elaborate upon whether you concur with the preceding sentence or the textbook and why.

2.) # 2 – Delegation is an important component of first line supervision. Delegation failures are delineated in SUPERVISION OF POLICE PERSONNEL – chapter # 2 and should be discussed as part of this paragraph and assignment. In my professional experience and education, delegation of authority to complete a task is important as our textbook details but delegating the giving of orders to another subordinate of equal or lesser rank is an extremely poor practice that can be interpreted as both cowardice and a lack of confidence: please comment on this perspective.

3.) # 3 – Describe the concept and application of ETHICS as it pertains to first line supervision and executive management as delineated in PROACTIVE POLICE MANAGEMENT. Demonstrate the importance of ETHICS in this response

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