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Student s must choose a company, product, organization, or non-profit and create the public relations items listed below.  Students must use the AP Stylebook when producing the copy for the items.  Electronic and hard copies should be submitted. 

1. News Release 

The release must be of interest to the public and newsworthy.  It must be written in journalistic style (inverted pyramid) and contain the five Ws (who, what, where, when, and why) and how. 

2. PSA (Public Service Announcement)

3. Speech (10 minutes) Define audience Follow public speaking guidelines

4. Pitch Letter (text)

Pitch letter is used to interest an editor or reporter in a possible story, interview, or event.  Pitches could be creative, straight, or provocative.

5. Letter to the Editor

6. Fact Sheet (text)

These compile the most relevant facts concerning the product, issue, organization, or candidate discussed in quick and easily accessible fashion. 

7. Media Kit  (text) 

   Includes: News release Biography (straight or narrative) Backgrounder Fact sheets, Q & As, Photos, etc. Other material to be included

Resources for Completing Portfolio Sample Fact Sheet: Sample Biography: Sample Pitch Letter and Letter to the Editor Format attached