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  Please do option 1 (Federal-United States) 3-4 pages if need 

  • ADVOCACY  PROJECT – Due in Unit 12: Students will be required to complete one (1) advocacy project. To fulfill this assignment, students should work  individually to complete one (1) of the following two (2) activities:

a. OPTION 1 = Send a letter to an elected official (local, state or federal) that presents a well-reasoned, empirically supported position on a specific social welfare policy. 

· In the letter, utilize the following as guidelines to address:

o A detailed summary of the policy including the exact policy being discussed

o  An evaluation of the policy using the following questions:

§ What social problem is the policy attempting to address?

§ What is the overall goal of the policy?

§ Who are the main supporters of the policy?

§ What population is most affected by the policy and why?

§ What is the intended outcome of implementing the policy?

§ What has been the actual outcome of implementing the policy?

o What social justice theory does the policy most closely align with? 

o How consistent is the policy with social work values?

b. OPTION 2 = Attend a City Council Meeting, a State Board of Education meeting, or a local school board meeting in your city and provide a three-page summary of your observations. Students may attend a City Council Meeting in small groups as opposed to going individually. In your 3-page summary, be sure to include:

· A detailed summary of WHAT WAS BEING DISCUSSED. This is key. It will not be acceptable for you to write “I don’t know,” in this part of your observations.

· What social problem that the proposed ordinances, policies, laws, actions that were discussed were aiming to address

· A summary of the outcomes of the meeting – be specific! Were any policies, ordinances, changes voted on? What was the outcome of the meeting?

· No abstract is necessary

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