Work 3 | Marketing homework help

Follow the Brief. And incude some points like DFD diagram and some points which you didn’t cover in my last work this work consist of 2500words  please draw the DFD diagram by your own and follow the sample how to do it i have attached one file  please do it according to it.  Ok please let me know if you have doubts ok 

I got this email for supplimentary assessment  i got a chance to redo it will you do it now according to this below criteria.

You need to go through both Thread Modelling and Mitigation for this scanario.

World’s Trend  

World’s Trend is a mail order supplier of high-quality, fashionable clothing. Customers place orders by telephone, by mailing an order form included with each catalogue, or via the Web site. 

Summary of Business Activities 

When customer orders come in, the item master and the customer master files are both updated. If an item is out of stock, the inventory control department is notified. 

If the order is from a new customer, a new record is created in the customer master file. 

Picking slips are produced for the customer order and sent to the warehouse. 

A shipping statement is prepared. 

The process of shipping a customer order involves getting the goods from the warehouse and matching up the customer shipping statement, getting the correct customer address, and shipping it all to the customer. 

The customer statement is generated and a billing statement is sent to a customer once a month. 

An accounts receivable report is sent to the accounting department 

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