Write a paragraph of at least 6-8 sentences addressing #1 and #2


Scientific studies have been clear since the 1950’s that clearly established the link between cancer and smoking.  In fact, the tobacco industry thought that their business was in big trouble.   However, the tobacco industry managed to avoid government regulation for decades.  They also managed to successfully resist the image of smoking as unhealthy in the minds of the general 

1)  The Tobacco Industry Case:  How do you think they were able to do this?   Why didn’t the “facts” about smoking and cancer manage to bring the end of the cigarette industry?   Can you think about and discuss another example of when the “facts” didn’t seem to matter?  What happened?  

2)  Lies, truth, and what to believe:  Are people easy to fool?  Do we have a tendency to believe the things that we want to believe?  If so, why?  What strategies are used to distract people’s attention? 

Write a paragraph of at least 6-8 sentences addressing #1 and #2.  You don’t have to answer all the questions, simply let the questions guide your thinking. 

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