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This assignment provides you the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained in your MPH program studies. You will now set your sights on the actual grant application process.

Based on the research you conducted in the Required Assignment (MAPP Model Needs Assessment and Identification of an FOA Presentation), you will now complete a grant application (FOA) for the public health intervention you have identified previously.

First, confirm that your chosen FOA intervention supports one of the MPH coursework areas of concern to you (as listed previously in the Required Assignment).

The FOA associated with this public health intervention will be used as the basis for your grant application. Conduct research, analyze the subject matter, and synthesize your findings to include the following steps in your grant application: Complete all instructions for your chosen FOA very precisely (that is, provide every form or piece of information required). Complete all written pieces in a formal and logical manner. Construct all forms or documents in a highly professional manner and in the required format (neatness and professional looking work is necessary).

Submit the overall completed grant application along with all required forms and documents to your instructor. Do not submit the application to the organization.

Special Note: Please include all the actual elements to be addressed as required in the FOA, which may vary from topic to topic and agency to agency. Some FOAs require that a standardized form be used and some require a combination of forms and a Microsoft Word document with verbiage. Generally, APA formatting does not apply, other than for proper grammar and spelling. Read the FOA instructions carefully, as they will be checked for completeness.

Write a 10-page report in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. 

This assignment is worth 300 points and will be graded using a rubric. Rubric is attached – review it!